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Two Successful Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunts on the Red River Breaks

November 26, 2013

Deer season is in full swing on the Red River Breaks.  Bucks are running and we’ve seen some pretty great ones on the game cams.  We hosted two successful Texas Parks & Wildlife hunts this month and the sportsmen took home some pretty nice bucks scoring in the 130 range.


Texas Parks & Wildlife Department Bucks


Another successful TPWD hunt


Even our youngsters are enjoying the Red River Breaks


game cam

Here’s a recent game cam picture

We also have some great Christmas parties coming up at the Lodge.  Stay tuned for pictures from these events.  Contact us if you’d like to come out and enjoy a guided hunt or set up a private event at the Lodge!


Deer Season in Full Swing on the Red River Breaks

November 6, 2013

Just over a month into the deer season and The Breaks is buzzing with activity.  We’ve put a dent in the doe harvest with the help of some youth hunters and have been seeing some great bucks on the game cams!

Game Camera Shot from this weekend

Game Camera Shot from this weekend

Young hunters are helping us with our harvest

Young hunters are helping us with our harvest

We will be hosting the first of two Texas Parks & Wildlife Hunts at the end of this week and hopefully, with all the great deer movement we’ve been seeing, we will harvest the first buck of the season.  Hogs are active too and we have been working on controlling the population this fall without disrupting the deer hunting areas.   Contact us to set up a doe, trophy buck, or hog hunt!

We always need to harvest hogs!

We always need to harvest hogs!


Hogs Are Moving on the Red River

September 7, 2013

As we prepare for deer season, Wild Hogs have been moving in on the Red River Breaks.  We’ve taken two large hogs down in the past two weeks and there are plenty left for anyone interested in hog hunts!  Just contact us and we can get you set up for a great hunt.

Hunt Club Member, Jeff Smith, and his hog taken at Stick's Blind.

Hunt Club Member, Jeff Smith, and his hog taken at Stick’s Blind.

Two of our three spotlight counts are complete and we have spotted a couple of really nice bucks out on the Red River Breaks!  Despite the drought, our herd appears to be robust as ever and we are so excited to host a number of doe hunts this fall.  We also have buck hunts available.  Contact us for more information.

Stay tuned for our final spotlight count results and tag counts coming in a couple of weeks!  Opening day on the Red River Breaks is September 28th this year and we are looking forward to a great season!

Warming Up for Fall at Red River Breaks

August 14, 2013

The summer lull is over here at the Red River Breaks and we have been busy with preparations for our busiest fall yet!  With half of August practically under our belt, we are looking forward to a full calendar of events and activities.


The Hunt Club roster is full, with some new members joining us for the 2013-2014 season.  Last Saturday, we held our annual Hunt Club Meeting giving new and old members a chance to get to know one another.  We also spent time reviewing the mission statement of the Ranch and the regulations for hunting and recreating on the property.  Our new, automated check in system was introduced and we can’t wait to launch it for deer season!  Hunt Club members will now be able to reserve blinds from their personal computers and handheld devices and we will be able to easily and efficiently download harvest data and wildlife data directly to our database to share with Texas Parks & Wildlife.

Hunting season opens here at Red River Breaks on September 28, 2013 and we are excited about this year’s deer herd.  Spot light counts begin August 15, 2013 with the first count in a series of three.  Stay tuned for a blog post on this process and how the data translates into our harvest goals/deer tags for the season.


We also held a BLCC Shareholders Open House last Sunday, offering an opportunity for Shareholders of the Ranch to view plans for cosmetic updates to the Lodge and Facilities.  The majority of Shareholders and some of their children were able to attend and the Open House was a great success!

September 7, 2013 marks the beginning of a full slate of events at the Lodge.  September is full to the brim with corporate retreats during the weekdays, overnight stays, and weddings on the weekends.  With weddings booked in October and November as well, this fall is shaping up to be a record-breaking one for the Red River Breaks Lodge!  Take a look at our calendar on the website to see the details of each weekend.


Agriculture Operations are in full swing, with the winter wheat going in and preparing for our Winter Stocker Program.  The weather has cooperated over the summer and we have had more rain than we could hope for, keeping stock tanks up and fields greener than we’ve seen in August.  Let’s hope it continues into the winter.  We have posted a job listing for an intern to assist with our operations as they continue to grow and have had a handful of responses in only a week!  We look forward to shaping a newcomer to our industry and will introduce him or her as soon as they sign on.


Well, that’s all for now!  Don’t forget!  We can easily set up any sort of activity or event for you and your family.  Please contact us and join in the activity here on the Ranch – there’s something for everyone here at the Red River Breaks!

Winter Wildlife on the Red River Breaks

January 22, 2013

Winter has settled in on the Ranch and our game cams are picking up some spectacular pictures!  Here are just a couple of the photos that came off the most recent memory card.  Enjoy and contact us soon to set up an opportunity to come see them in person!

A nice, young buck.  Can't wait to see what this guy looks like next year!

A nice, young buck. Can’t wait to see what this guy looks like next year!

These coyotes are so healthy, you could mistake them for wolves!

These coyotes are so healthy, you could mistake them for wolves!

Two does establishing hierarchy.

Two does establishing hierarchy.

Wild hogs are on their way through again.

Wild hogs are on their way through again.

December 22, 2012


The Red River Breaks Lodge Is Ready For Christmas!

December 12, 2012

We’ve sure been busy with winter festivities here at the Red River Breaks.  The halls are decked and the tree is up!  Garlands are hung and the fireplace is ready for a roaring fire.  With a party every Saturday and some Fridays until Christmas, we’ve had our hands full. 

The Lodge: Christmas 2012!

The Lodge: Christmas 2012!

Our most recent group was Muenster State Bank.  MSB hosted its second Christmas party with us this year, serving a custom-designed menu of salmon, pork loin, and beef wellington.  Sides included bacon-wrapped asparagus and potatoes au gratin. 

Muenster State Bank Staff 2012

Muenster State Bank Staff 2012

Other parties have included a wedding rehearsal dinner and corporate groups using our rustic, family-friendly venue to reward their employees with a wonderful, year end party.  Busniness retreat season is coming up.  Be sure to contact us if you would like to reserve the Lodge for your corporate retreat or meeting.