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Wild Boar: 2 Hogs With a 30-06 on the 22nd

January 17, 2011

Maybe You’ll Have Some Luck

My friend Ross and I came to Muenster to visit, hunt and hangout for the night. On the way up to Muenster, Ross commented that he had been having really good luck recently and hoped it would rub off on me. Well it did just that.

Out Came the Hogs

We went hunting in the afternoon on Wednesday, December 22nd in the Sleeper Blind at the Miller Bottom. Within 45 minutes of sitting in the blind a group of about 9 or 10 hogs (4 sows, plus footballs) came roaming around the middle of the Miller Bottom from the south, heading north towards the wetland pond in the middle. I observed the hogs while crossing, but didn’t have a good shot.

I waited until they got across to just short of the treeline in the middle when they stopped… I steadied—then took a shot at the biggest sow. It missed a few inches low. The hogs took off running the way they came and it seemed like I would have to get a shot off on the run. When they were almost back to the opposite treeline, I spotted a sow pausing for a split second to wait on a football. I instantly focused on her and pulled the trigger. She spun around 360 degrees, dropped and started kicking and rolling around. It turned out to be a neck shot right in front of the shoulder blades. Ross and I range found the shot later at 250 yards!!

One Shot to the Neck

After the kill I waited in the blind with Ross to see if they’d come back out. They did, about 15 minutes later, but by then the sun was setting in the west where I was facing. I could only barely see them with the naked eye and almost not at all through the scope because of the glare.

I popped a shot off at a big sow whose back I could barely see over a rise in the field and the sun glare. I don’t know how that one turned out. A few minutes later it was around 30 minutes to sunset, so I wanted to start field dressing my sow before it got too dark.

Round 2

While I was walking in the field towards the sow I spotted out of the corner of my eye more hogs coming back out into the field (presumably the same group). I instinctively stopped, shouldered the gun, found the biggest sow and fired within a period of two seconds. The sow dropped on the spot. Bread basket shot! The shot was taken at about a distance of 150 yards and from a standing position.

I had Ross go grab Peter and Bob Bartush, who’d been camping below the cabin, to help clean the hogs or else I’d have been out there for another hour or so.

I took the sows back to the barn and the bigger one weighed in at 170 lbs. field dressed. I didn’t weigh the smaller one, but we guessed around 140 lbs. field dressed.

I used my father Joe Bartush Sr.’s 30-06 for the hunt.

Thank you Peter and Bob for your help! Thanks Dad for letting me use the rifle! And Thank you Ross for being my good luck charm!


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