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Uncle Bill’s Vintage Photos

February 20, 2011

Thomas Otto sent these great old photos not too long ago. We’re guessing they take place some time in the late 70’s or early 80’s. There are plenty more—if you’d like to see them, check out the BLCC Flickr Page.

A view of the south side of Lindsey Branch Top.

Perch from a BLCC fishing hole.

Dusk falling quietly over the town of Muenster, Texas.

The great Red River as it divides the BLCC from Oklahoma.  This view is from the atop the East End of the BLCC.

Bartush Trivia: Can you guess which one this is?

BLCC bluffs.

Name these Bartush’s!

I’ll show you how it’s done.  Name that Bartush!

A quiet evening on the banks of a fishing hole.

Texas winter wonderland.  Brrrr.

Two bucks—Thank you.  The beginnings of the BLCC deer management program.

A bobcat held by a Possum-figure that one out!

Fishing in the golden light of the sun.

Duck hunters on the Miller Bottom.

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