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BLCC Fights EOG Sand Pit Project

August 21, 2011

 In June, it was brought to our attention that Enron Oil & Gas was putting in a sand handling facility less than 5 miles west of the BLCC.  This facility will operate 24 hours a day and use wells dug on site to wash sand mined at the facility so that it can be used for fracking.  Residents and land owners alike have banded together to try to stop their permits from going through and have finally gotten a public meeting to be held in Muenster!

Here is a link to Permit Number 95412 submitted by EOG

The meeting will be Tuesday August 23, 2011 at 7PM at Muenster ISD Cafetorium.

Aerial view of the Sand Handling Facility-the highway is FM 373 heading west to the Motorcycle Trails. For more images go to

Please come and participate in the discussion.  Concerns of local land owners include water availability, water quality (the facility abutts Mountain Creek, which flows to the Red River), impact on wildlife (increased sedimentation at the Red River, day-night cycle disturbance with the plant being a 24 hours/day operation), and of course air quality. 

Currently, the only thing we can fight is air quality since Cooke County allows land owners to dig wells on their property without permits.  This will change in January 2012, but EOG is trying to push their permits through so they can dig the wells before these new laws come into effect. 

We can stop them if we band together! 

The only comments that will be included in the formal record and addressed/considered by the Texas Commission on Environmental Quality are those pertaining to Permit 95412 and those that are recieve either at the Public Meeting on August 23 or those recieved electronically before the meeting at

Please submit comments and concernts for consideration.  Even slowing down the permit may buy us enought time for the new water laws to come into effect in January.

If you have any questions, please contact BLCC!

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