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Clean Up Day at Shield’s Cottage

August 29, 2011

Shield's Cottage after a face lift.

Even with 100+ degree heat, three generations of Bartush family members showed up for a work day at Shield’s Cottage on August 20th.  From cutting and hauling wood from a huge downed tree in the back yard to scubbing windows with toothbrushes, this crew was out to do no less than their best!  And what amazing results they produced. 

A work camp leader in the making!


Projects included: tree removal, clean up around and in shed, clean up/organization of the front yard, clean up of front porch, top to bottom clean up of each room inside, replacement of kitchen sink, installation of water filter to provide drinking water, replacement of toilet.  For more pictures and stories from the day…

Work started outside at 7:30 am with the removal of a huge oak tree that came down during a summer storm.  John S. Bartush led the outdoor crew.  With chainsaws, a trailer, and brute force the tree was removed and the fence repaired so stockers could be kept in the north pasture again.


Before tree clean up

Tree Clean Up Complete!

Old equipment that had gathered around the shed was removed or re-organized. 

Shed pre-clean up


Water Break!


The front porch was cleaned off and equipment was placed in the shed, leaving the benches open for front porch sittin’!

The front porch before...


Looks inviting, right?

Clean up indoors started around 10:00 am.  Led by the Sanger Girls and Cindy, this was a daunting task. 

Kitchen workers


Each room was dusted from ceiling to floor.  Cabinets were cleaned out and organized.  Furniture was moved and vacuumed or dusted.  Windows were scrubbed.  Floors were scrubbed and blinds were fixed and re-hung. 

Scrub, scrub!

Enjoying the fruits of his labor

Clean as a whistle and ready for guests this hunting season, Shield’s Cottage looks like a whole new place thanks to everyone to came out to help!  Great job, folks!  We couldn’t get it all done without your help. Visit again soon for more BLCC updates and happenings! 


Living Room...check!


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