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The BLCC’s Favorite Season Arrives!

September 26, 2011

The first day of Fall has come and gone and the BLCC is experiencing a much-needed respite from the triple digit heat we had this summer.  According to our most recent poll, Fall is our favorite season here on the BLCC-and it’s no wonder!  The temperature has cooled off, the trees are changing colors, and deer season is right around the corner. 

Sunset on Storybook Mountain

BLCC Hunt Club Members have been out and about working on their blinds and stands, scouting, and preparing for their favorite time of year.  Nature-lovers have been hiking, photographing, and watching bird migrations.  It’s been busy around the BLCC!
A sneak peak of the BLCC deer herd


We’ve held two spotlight counts as part of  our deer management program with Texas Parks and Wildlife.  We anticipated a slight drop in numbers, since we’ve been so short on water and forage this summer, but no such thing!  Numbers have been comparable to last year!  This speaks to our ongoing effort to maintain a healthy deer herd with a population that is appropriate for the land we steward.  With one more spotlight count this week, we’ll soon have our quota for this year and be ready for the first weekend in October! 


A view of the Log Cabin and the BLCC from Storybook Mountain










Fall is a great time to visit the BLCC for hiking as well.  Wildlife is moving and the temperature is perfect.  There’s nothing like looking out over the BLCC from the top of Storybook or the Lindsay Branch Lookout.  Come on out and check it out yourself!  Contact the BLCC office for more information and we hope to see you soon!

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