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Deer Season on the BLCC Begins!

October 17, 2011
We’re two weeks into the 2011 Deer Season on the BLCC and it’s shaping up to be a great season!  The BLCC has been managing its deer herd with the help of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department (TPWD) over 25 years.  This fall, our Ranch Manager led three spotlight counts and sent the data he collected to TPWD.  Using this data, they determine our harvest goals for the 2011-2012 season.  We then recieve our doe and buck tags.  Because the BLCC is a privately owned and managed property, we are allowed to begin our season one month earlier than other properties, so our hunt club is already full speed ahead!


Mark Lippe, current BLCC Hunt Club President, with buck shot in 2002











To date, we’ve harvested five does and one buck.  Our newest hunt club member, Jeff Smith, was the first to harvest a deer this season.  He has been diligently scouting and preparing his feeders and blinds over the course of the summer and his work has certainly paid off! 

Another hunt club member, Woody Peel, has started working with his oldest son, Hunter, on marksmanship.  He has prepared an appropriate rifle for Hunter and has been training with him using targets.  He has also spent time educating Hunter on how to read deer and determine which deer are appropriate to harvest and which ones should be left to grow or continue to produce for the betterment of the entire herd.  Hunter is eager to harvest his first deer this season.  Oh, by the way, Hunter is only 5 years old!  Even if he doesn’t get a deer this year, he and his father have certainly harvested some amazing memories of their first hunting season together!  Good luck, Hunter!


Aaron Stepich, current BLCC Hunt Club Member, with buck harvested 2009-2010 season











With the rut upon us, we’re certain to have some amazing hunting opprotunies this season!  Who knows, the BLCC may produce yet another award winning buck this year.  Good luck to all you BLCC sportsmen and happy hunting!


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