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BLCC Hunt Club Spotlight~Aaron Stepich

November 1, 2011

A quick check in witht the BLCC before getting into a Hunt Club Member Spotlight…The BLCC has been full speed ahead the past couple of weeks.  What with hunters in and out of the check in barn every morning and evening and Mike sewing winter wheat-the ground is practically humming with activity!  We had another inch of rain last week, which should help the newly sewn wheat come up in time for cattle.  The BLCC Hunt Club has been doing their part and preparing for Deer Camp this weekend.  Current harvest count: 12 does and 3 bucks, including a good size buck taken by Scott Wolf-congratulations, Scott!  We want to take some time out to thank our Hunt Club as they are an integral part of the BLCC land management program.  Without their help managing our deer herd, we wouldn’t be able to offer such a unique wild life and outdoor experience to visitors.  Here’s an excerpt from our Fall Newsletter, helping us get to know one of the Hunt Club Members…

Hunt Club Spotlight:

Aaron Stepich interviewed by Melanie B. Molinaro

Aaron and his award-winning BLCC Buck










MM: How long have you been a BLCC Hunt Club Member?

AS: 3 years.

MM: What is your favorite part of the BLCC property and why?

AS: Probably the lookout, because I don’t know of any similar feature in this part of the state.

MM: Other than hunting at the BLCC, how do you like to spend your free time?

AS: I used to fish a lot, but now that I have 3 kiddos, I don’t have much free time.

MM: When was the most recent time you visited the BLCC, and what did you do there?

AS: October 8th, 2011. I hunted and filled feeders. I also ate some fantastic ribeyes with some of the other hunters.

MM: What is your favorite kind/cut of meat?

AS: Medium Rare Ribeyes!

MM: What is your favorite hunting season and why?

AS: Moose season, because if I’m hunting in moose season it means I’m in Alaska. In Texas, my favorite season is obviously deer season.


Aaron's favorite spot on the BLCC-"The Lookout"









MM: What was the last animal you shot/caught?

AS: A couple measly doves on opening day of dove season.

MM: If you could hunt any animal in the world, what would it be?

AS: Wow, that’s a tough one. For the longest time, I would have said moose, but now I have done that. I have always wanted to go to Africa to hunt plains game, but no animal in particular would be my favorite. So my answer will have to be desert bighorn sheep.

MM: What is your favorite book?

AS: “The Stand” by Stephen King

MM: What is your favorite sport outside of hunting?

AS: Football (watch), Basketball (play)

MM: Describe a memorable hunting story.

AS: On my first trip to Alaska, my hunting partner and I called a bull moose into a small clearing. He was very agitated and aggressive and we called him to within about ten feet. Even though we didn’t shoot him (he was a little too small) it was still probably the most exciting hunting moment I’ve ever had.

Once again, thank you to Aaron and all of our Hunt Club Members.  Enjoy your deer season and have fun this weekend at Deer Camp!

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