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Another Big BLCC Buck!

November 6, 2011

November marks deer hunters’ favorite time of year-the rut.  The rut is the part of the deer season when breeding occurs.  Bucks tend to lose some of their natural caution as they search out females ready to breed.  The BLCC Hunt Club has been hunting for one month, but the deer activity is hitting high gear now and many of the hunters are cashing in their doe and buck tags. 

To date, the BLCC has harvested 16 does and 5 bucks.  Following guidelines developed by the BLCC and Texas Parks and Wildlife Department, the BLCC Hunt Club works to manage the deer herd in a responsible manner, harvesting deer based on age and quality rather than just trophy size. 

Mike Heffron with his 14 point buck harvested at the BLCC

A prime example of patience and hard work over the course of the year is Mike Heffron.  Mike has been hunting the BLCC for years and has not harvested a buck in the last few years.  He has patiently waited and scouted and sure enough, it has paid off.  On November 2, 2011, Mike brought down a large buck from a ladder stand on the BLCC.  Sporting 14 points, this buck field dressed at 160 pounds!  It’s unofficial B & C gross score is 170 5/8.  Congratulations Mike!  Hopefully, your buck will put you in the running for an award this you!

Check out more photos and information on the BLCC website and contact us to learn about all the amazing opportunities here on the BLCC!

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