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BLCC Agriculture Gets a Boost!

January 25, 2012

It’s not often the weatherman gives us a 100% chance of rain here on the BLCC.  Well, today is one of those rare days!  Since last night, we’ve gotten over THREE inches of rain.  And boy, did we need it!  After a biblical wind storm on Sunday afternoon that literally blocked Storybook from view, the ground on the ranch was cracked and dry.  Stocker cattle on Shields’ place are making a dent in the winter wheat and if we didn’t get some moisture soon, those fields weren’t going to last through the rest of the winter.  Thankfully, the skies opened last night with a spectacular Texas lightning show that would rival any IMAX theater and thunder that was shaking roofs.

As you are reading, the rain is keeping steady rhythm on the tin roof of the Check-In Barn here at Headquarters, while the ranch gets nature’s version of a scrub down.  If we are lucky, the sun will shine soon and the wheat can use this moisture to grow another round of grazing for the cattle, saving our hay for use during the dry summer months.  These steady soakers are a true blessing here in rural North Texas, where many families make their living on the land.  It won’t be long now, before we’re seeing wildflowers and new crops pushing through the red dirt.  Come on out and visit us!  We’d love to show you around and give you a true taste of the ranch lifestyle here in North Texas!

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