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Spring Green-Up In Full Swing on the BLCC

April 5, 2012

Spring appears to have come early this year on the BLCC and all of North Texas.  Well-timed rains and mild, sunny days have brought some of the earliest crops of wheat ranchers have seen in years.  Driving home from work today, there were two fields already cut and drying. 

Hay drying and waiting to be baled

Soon, there will be neat rows of bales lining those same fields.  Bluebonnets are flourishing and orange Indian Paintbrush are blooming, making fields and highways look like they are being washed in the setting sun. 

Texas highways are decorated with wildflowers

We had a few more inches of rain yesterday and all the stock tanks are full.  The orchard trees are full of fruit and the branches should be heavy come summer.  Even amidst all the green however, are reminders of last summer’s drought.  An oak tree or cedar with brown leaves sits as a warning to remain wary.  Stocking rates for cattle will be lower this summer on the BLCC as we let pastures recover from the stress of last year’s heat and dry seasons.  With any luck, this weather will hold and the rain will keep coming.  Come on out and take a tour of the BLCC to see sustainable land management at work!

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