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Turkey Season Is Upon Us!

April 11, 2012

The BLCC has a history of incredible wild Turkey populations.  But in the past decade, the numbers have diminished all over North Texas.  Ranch Manager, Mike Bartush, believes this is due in part to a series of tornados and wildfires that have taken much of their habitat as well as many of the poults (baby turkey) that were on the ground at the time.  As is her way, Mother Nature is bringing us full circle and we’ve seen a surge in the Turkey population here on the Ranch.  Two years ago, it was treat to see one or two gobblers strutting his stuff for the ladies.  Over the past two weeks,  if you pass an open field, you’re bound to see a group of at least 10 if not 20 hens surrounded by some Toms determined to win them over with their tails fanned and chests puffed up!  It sure is a sight. 

 Opening weekend, the BLCC welcomed Taylor White from Alabama for a guided Turkey hunt.  He spent two nights with us and three hunting days.  There was absolutely no shortage of Turkey for viewing and Taylor got quite a few shots with his camera before using his gun to take a beautiful Tom with an 8 inch beard.  Taylor will be sending along a CD with all his photos and they will be posted as soon as they arrive! 

BLCC Guest, Taylor White and his harvested tom

The BLCC works to provide each individual with a unique and exciting experience here on the Ranch, catering to your needs and giving you a trip you won’t forget!  To book your next outdoor adventure at the BLCC, contact us through our website at or call us at (940) 759-2378!  You won’t be disappointed!

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