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Lindsey Branch Cottage Renovations Complete!

April 22, 2012

One of the many projects happening on the BLCC is the renovation of some of our older structures.  First to make it to the list was the Lindsey Branch Cottage.  Originally the home of Frankie Hess, the cottage sits on a little over 100 acres of lush pasture and farmland that we currently use for grazing stocker cattle. 

The Lindsey Branch Cottage

In the past, the BLCC has rented the cottage by the month, but since its renovation, the plan is to make it available to guests as a more private lodging option than the Lodge.  The Lindsey Branch Cottage offers a fully-appointed kitchen, laundry, and dining room.  The three bedrooms are outfitted with six beds and can comfortably sleep 6-9 people.  This cottage is perfect for a weekend get away or private retreat. 

Comfortable living room, perfect for reading a book or visiting with friends

Kitchen and Dining Room

One of three bedrooms

One of three bedrooms

 The Lindsey Branch Cottage is within walking distance of some of our most impressive scenic outlooks over the Red River and the fields surrounding it are currently covered in wildflowers.  


Secluded on the eastern end of the BLCC, the Lindsey Branch Cottage is no stranger to all sorts of wildlife.  You could see anything from Eastern Mountain Bluebirds and Painted Buntings to Bobcats sitting right on the front porch.  Wild Turkey and White Tailed fawns bed down in the fields next to the cottage and the winter months bring migrating Bald Eagles that love to roost on Lindsey Branch. 

The Lindsey Branch Lookout, withing walking distance of the Cottage

Lindsey Branch is the perfect perch for viewing Bald Eagles


Lindsey Branch Cottage is also within walking distance of many of our best blinds, perfect for photography or hunting.  If you or someone you know would like a quiet, private, comfortable get away, this cottage would be perfect for you!  Contact us to set up your reservations!

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