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Agriculture Happenings on the BLCC

April 30, 2012

A wet winter and mild spring means grass…and lots of it!  Many farmers and ranchers here in North Texas are saying that they haven’t seen this much grass this early in the growing season in their lifetimes.

Wheat ready to be cut for hay

BLCC has taken full advantage of the bountiful spring with a large crew of stocker calves grazing on wheat and three of our main fields being cut and baled. 

The BLCC Miller Bottom wheat, cut and ready for baling

The baling on the BLCC Miller Bottom begins!

Hay baled on the BLCC has one of two destinies.  It can either be stacked and stored for use at a later date or it can be sold.  Most likely, this year’s hay will be sold, as we do not plan to have cattle on the property during the tough, dry summer months.  This is one of the benefits of weighting our cattle operation toward stocker calves.  They graze until the dry season starts and then they are sold and the land gets a well-deserved rest.

Round bales stacked and ready for pick up

Each decision we make here on the BLCC is guided by principles deeply rooted in sustainable land stewardship.  We encourage everyone to come on out and see what we’re working on out here on the Red River!  You’re sure to learn something and have a great time doing it!  Contact us to come out for a visit.

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