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Change Isn’t Just Coming…It’s Here!

October 18, 2012

Looking out at Storybook Mountain from the Log Cabin porch, one can see Fall’s subtle entrance.  Change is here, in the trees, in the air, in the soil.  Just as the land for which it was named is changing, so too is the BLCC.  We have undergone some significant growth in the last year here on the Ranch.  We’ve recruited and secured an invaluable team member in our COO, David Woods.  We have ramped up our Agriculture Operations.  We expanded our Hunting Program and almost tripled our Hospitality and Events endevours.  And, we have recently finalized the addition of a new branch of operations, The Red River Breaks Private Membership Club

Colors are creeping onto the BLCC landscape as Fall comes into full swing.

The BLCC Agriculture Program is ramping up with Fall activities and preparations.  After a summer filled with structural updates and facelifts, the BLCC is ready for expansion of its cattle operation to include additional acreage and therefore, additional cattle!  The Lindsey Branch windmill is functioning, which will provide water for an additional 280 acreas of grazable land for cattle.  Fence lines were  repaired throughout the Ranch to insure that the additional cattle will remain in their designated areas.  Fields have been plowed and planted for winter crops, such as wheat and soy beans to feed both our cattle and our deer.  The wheat is sneaking up as I write, tricking onlookers into thinking it may be Spring we are waiting for, instead of Winter.  And soon, our first load of stocker calves will be here and our cattle operation will be in full swing. 

With a good balance of recent rain and warm sunlight, the winter wheat is growing well.

The BLCC Hunt Club did not escape change this year either.  In case you thought 2,700 acreas was not large enough, we have expanded the Hunt Club to include over 400 additional acreas of hunting area, inlcuding food plots, blinds, stands, and feeders.  Preseason spotlight counts showed a healthy deer herd-a blessing after two hard summers in a row!  Cameras stationed all over the Ranch are producing great photos of big, mature bucks and youngsters with impressive potential.  As part of the Texas Parks and Wildlife Department’s Managed Land Program, BLCC hunters enjoy the opportunity to begin harvesting deer in October, rather than November each year and they have certainly been productive so far!  Our current harvest count is up to five does.  Hopefully, we’ll have some trophy bucks to report soon!  If you or someone you know is interested in coming out to hunt on the BLCC, contact us

A Hunter’s view of the additional 400 acres added to the Hunt Club’s available land.

Hospitality and Events have certainly kept our COO, David Woods, on his toes!  This branch of operations has skyrocketed in the last 12 months, bringing over 2,000 guests onto the BLCC.  We have hosted fine dining events, catered dinners, wedding receptions, business day retreats, and overnight guests.  We have a number of custom package hunts booked for this fall as well.  We are able to plan and execute a memorable event for you and your family.  Be sure to spread the word to family and friends and have them contact us to set up their next event here on the Ranch!

Set up for a business retreat held at the Lodge.

Perhaps one of the most significant changes to the BLCC has been the formation of the Red River Breaks Private Membership Club.  The Club’s concept has been in the works for about four years and has finaly come to fruition.  “The Breaks” has a Private Membership option for both individuals or corporations.  Membership provides the Member and their family year-round, full access and use of the entire 3,500 acre Ranch property including the Main Lodge and Lindsey Branch Cottage as well as future improvements.  Membership offering is non-equity and is subject to terms and conditions of BLCC corporate holdings.  If you or someone you know may be interested in this wonderful opportunity, contact COO, David Woods for more information and to schedule a site visit.  Memberships are limited-you don’t want to miss your chance!

So, as you can see, life has been busy on the BLCC.  From the constant and predictable change of the Agriculture Program to the explosion of the Hospitality and Events Operations, all the way to the slow, steady bloom of our newest branch, The Red River Breaks, we have certainly grown as a company over the past year!  Visit our new website: to get more information on our products and keep an eye here on the blog and on Facebook for the most up-to-date reports on the BLCC and The Red River Breaks!

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